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Pendant Lights

vertigo pendant lamp

With the shape of lady hat, Vertigo Pendant Lamp expresses French fashion and romance. Made of glass fibers and polyurethane body and metal ceiling plate. Available in six dimensions and four finishes. Please notice: The material is not metal. It adopts the same design as the original.
Pendant Lights

Méduse Pendant Light

Méduse Light is really a fun toy more than a pendant lamp. The innovative design idea makes it stunning and never be out-dated. Inspired by blinds, this pendant light can also be open and closed.
Pendant Lights

PH5 Pendant

Known for the look of pine cone, PH 5 pendant lamp is a modern chic pendant light with gradient colors. It is a pioneer in lighting as it exerts reflection of light and prevents from harming eyes.
Pendant Lights

Flowerpot Pendant Light

Featuring a shape of bud, Flowerpot Pendant Light stands for love and peace, which is a beautiful pendant lamp. It is composed by a large and a small hemishpheres, which are formed face to face. Available in two finishes.
Pendant Lights

Sky Garden Pendant Light

The garden is carved into Sky Garden Pendant Light which is inspired by the ceiling with a gorgeous pattern on it. Therefore, this pendant light also carries this beauty, making people see the beautiful flowers when looking up.
Pendant Lights

Melt Pendant Light

The interesting and dazzling Melt pendant light is a good choice for living or dining room and even the public areas, which will bright up the space and interest your guests and customers. Available in four sizes and four finishes.
Pendant Lights

Gubi Multi-lite Pendant Light

Featuring variable shapes, the Multi-Lite pendant lamp is one of the most outstanding Danish designs, outlining the beauty of geometric gifures. Made of metal, it has two rotatable opposing shades to create various models. Available in one size and seven finishes.
The light and airy Screen Cannage Wall Light reveals the charm of handicraft and natural materials. It features rattan wovens with richful patterns. The black edge adds a modern sense. Available in two sizes.
Wall lamps

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce

Serge Mouille-001
The classic Serge Mouille Wall Sconce is famous for its lampshade whose edge has a modified arc, making it look natural like a shell. The rotatable lampshade adds practicality to this stylish wall lamp.
Table Lamps

Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp

The classic royal design-Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp adopts sophisticated decorative pattern. When illuminated, it will create gorgeous lighting effect, perfect for any space. Made of Acryl. Available in four finishes.
Floor Lamps

LED Sunset Light

LED Sunset Light brings a romantic and gorgeours visual feast, which can make you enjoy the sunglow at home. It is useful for creating a particular atmosphere and tone. Available in five dimensions and two light colors.
Table Lamps

AJ Table Lamp

The classic Nordic AJ Table Lamp is very functional, with smart design that allows the lampshade to freely adjust the light source. The unique shape emphasizes the beauty of the streamlines. Available in black or white.
Lampe Gras Wall / Ceiling light series is very practical which focusses on the usage without losing the sense of design. This series has a variety of designs with kinds of color schemes. It is suitable for bothe public places and residential areas.


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