Cesta lamp was designed by Spanish Miguel Milá. Cesta Table lamp has a small size in Dia 20 cm x H 36 cm and large size in cesta metalica table lamp Dia 30 cm x H 52 cm, two finishes of walnut replica lampara cesta imitacion and wood cesta metalica lamp. And this cesta lampara is mainly made of wood and glass. The wood will shows a natural and true sense in your whole spaces, the glass will give you a noble and elegant sense.


Lampara mesa cesta Dia 20 cm x H 36 cm

1. Lampara cesta mini walnut

The design of cesta light is delicate and retro, but it is not lacking in fashion style. As you can see the picture, this cesta lamp replica of overall appearance looks like a bamboo basket with a delicate and delicious egg inside. The walnut-color finish reveals the unique texture of tree like a natural work of art. Cesta metalica lamp is an ideal choice for bedroom, living room, book room and other small spaces.

2. Lampara cesta replica wood

The cesta lampa kopia has an interesting history. Strolling through Barcelona in the 1960s, designer Miguel Milá found an abandoned opal globe in front of a glass factory. This vintage cesta lampara with glass shade draws inspiration from the country manor and open terrace, which created this beautiful lamp was designed. Full of antique sense, this exquisite cesta lampada will give you a warm home life.

Lampara cesta santa cole imitacion Dia 30 cm x H 52 cm

1. Lampara mesa cesta walnut

This lampara cesta copia has a romantic literary atmosphere, and it looks like a lantern. This poetic retro lampe cesta miguel mila makes your home full of art. Your guests or friends will praise you when they see this lamp at first sight. The classical and gentle taste of lampa cesta blooms a warm atmosphere in silence. The smooth surface of lampara cesta mila brings it elegant and noble. Available to be a a table light or floor light, cesta lamp can be picked up like a hang bag. Lampara cesta replica will definitely shine your home with its impressive and unique appearance.

2. Cesta lampe tilbud wood

Replica lampara cesta object can be picked up and carried easily, ideal for both tabletops and floors. It’s like a bamboo basket with a piece of smooth tofu. When you place this table lamp on the desk, this lampara cesta natura will give you a good mood to read books. This cesta lampa kopia will emit a comfortable and soft light, allowing you to bathe in this warm atmosphere.

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