Most people must be impressed by elegant and gorgeous chandeliers as they must be the eye-catcher in the room, for example the shining crystal chandelier and the vintage candlestick chandelier. However contemporary concise chandeliers will also impress you. Displaying the infinite possibilities of beauty of line, they are mainly comprised by geometric figures. With solid colors, they are vogue and graceful. A decent chandelier is needed in your house, especially the living room and dining areas, which will not only brighten up the space but also render the atmosphere. If you want your house diversified and stunning, the chandelier with brilliant colors or unique shape is perfect. If you want a versatile chandelier that can collocate with other furniture, a chic black or gold chandelier is a good choice.

SKU: CH6005-2

Combined with the trendy element, Flamingo lamps collection shows a live look of the slender body of the Flamingo. With LED-chip, several white lampshades are hung with thin wires, making it look as if hanging in the air. 


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SKU: PL480-1

Have a stunning FUN Collection Pendant Light to keep your home lit up. The shiny seashell discs are strung together to form the chandeliers like wind chimes, which creates a relaxing visual experience.

SKU: PL435-1

The Nordic Sunlight Pendant Lamp is a concise Nordic chandelier, which has a simple form of glass balls but a dramatic effect. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: CH6003-1

DISC Marble Chandelier is ideal for creating serene atmosphere, since it is the embodiment of the charming quietness. Combined with the elegant marble, it is a luxurious chandelier. Available in two sizes, it is composed by round elements.

SKU: PL10113-1

Globe Combination Pendant Lamp features a circular body attached by glass balls like a tornado. With amber or smoky gray glass, the graceful color scheme make it eye-catching in any room. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: PL492-3

As a post-modern chandelier, Geometrical Ball Chandelier combines geometry and ball with the characteristics of simplicity and personality. It is available in the shape of star or triangle in golden finish, which is cute.

SKU: PL6021-1

Curved Pea Pendant Lamp is an exquisite design composed by a curved track and some balls above it, which is like a floating boat. This interesting molecular chandelier is suitable for any indoor decorations. Available in two sizes.

SKU: CL752-1

The mild-luxurious PRISM Chandelier brings the royal elegancy, which is not flashy but fashionable. Refracted by the crystal lampshade, the light is well distributed in the air, creating an elegant atmosphere. Available in four sizes.

SKU: C8101-1

Create a grand and gorgeous visual effect with this modern Ring LED Chandelier. The warm light from the LED rings is sure to brighten up any space with its soft glow. It be arranged in many different ways for your decorative needs.

SKU: CH6001-1

The beautiful Crown Crystal Chandelier has a creative crown shape, which attracts the the ladies. The crystals brighten up it, making it a stunning molecular light. Full of elegancy and sweetness, it is available in two sizes.

SKU: C8555-2

The French Romantic Candle Chandelier is full of the elegance of classical culture and the Renaissance poetry. It uses lines to modernize its design. With warm light, it will be a charming chandelier for living rooms.

SKU: C8006-1

Romantic VENUS Ceiling Light creates a starry sky in your home. The use of the LED twinkle lights makes it shiny, which will let people unforgettable. It is fun to enjoy this beautiful lamp at night. Available in two sizes.

SKU: PL6034-16

Firework Ball Pendant Light is a stunning and dazzling chandelier, which is the shining diamond of LED chandeliers. The metal caged framework is composed by triangles, which is stylish even when it is not illuminated. Available in four sizes.

SKU: 10025-Silver-Body-9-Heads-Cool-White

The delicate crystal Snowflake Chandelier looks like the luxuriant blossoms or lots of shining stars, which is suitable for living rooms and dining areas to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Available in two sizes.

SKU: PL419-2

The Nordic Branch Chandelier is an artistic molecular chandelier which comes with curved linear body and spherical lampshades. The design of layers makes this chandelier extraordinarily stunning. Available in two finishes.

SKU: PL10123-1

The romantic HEART Chandelier exudes sweetness, making the room full of love. It seems like many fireflies flying in the air, which is a beautiful scene. It is perfect for hanging in the living room, entrance or bedroom.

SKU: C8005-1

Smuxi 6/8 Head LED Industrial Iron Ceiling Light is a minimal ceiling lamp which consists of several intersecting lines  to create a cubic effect. Available in four colors options and two sizes.

SKU: C8108-5

ROOT Ball Chandelier is an interesting pendant light, which has a gorgeous visual effect. It will bring you different feels from different angles. It is composed by irregular roots attached by small balls. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: 15-125-1

The elegant and beautiful Crystal Pendant Light is formed by transparent crystal balls with bubbles. When illuminated, it looks like many stars. Used for a chandelier, it is ideal for staircases or the room with high ceiling.

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