Crystal Chandeliers

The most low-cost diamond in your house - Crystal Chandeliers, let the space shine. Even when it is not illuminated, it is dazzling attributed to crystal's unique luster, making it a beautiful ornament. In the evening, it looks like many stars. Crystal chandeliers are a synonym for romance. Their designs are very distinctive and sophisticated. The combination of clever designs and high-quality raw materials gives its more humanization compared with traditional metal chandeliers.
SKU: 15-125-1

The elegant and beautiful Crystal Pendant Light is formed by transparent crystal balls with bubbles. When illuminated, it looks like many stars. Used for a chandelier, it is ideal for staircases or the room with high ceiling.

SKU: 10025-Silver-Body-9-Heads-Cool-White

The delicate crystal Snowflake Chandelier looks like the luxuriant blossoms or lots of shining stars, which is suitable for living rooms and dining areas to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Available in two sizes.

SKU: PL052

The romantic Starry bouquet chandelier brings a sky full of stars, which stands for the everlasting beauty and love. This crystal chandelier will shine any room and impress people. Made of metal and crystal.

SKU: CL752-1

The mild-luxurious PRISM Chandelier brings the royal elegancy, which is not flashy but fashionable. Refracted by the crystal lampshade, the light is well distributed in the air, creating an elegant atmosphere. Available in four sizes.

SKU: CH6001-1

The beautiful Crown Crystal Chandelier has a creative crown shape, which attracts the the ladies. The crystals brighten up it, making it a stunning molecular light. Full of elegancy and sweetness, it is available in two sizes.

SKU: PL054-3
€900.00 €1,200.00

Luxury K9 Crystal Chandelier adopts the design of fence, including metal and crystal bars. From top to bottom, the ovals approach the center gradually. When illuminated, it is like a bright diamond, emitting a shining light.

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