LED Wall Lights

SKU: WL6008-1

Upgrade your house with the efficient and durable Cylinder Outdoor LED Wall Light. This outdoor wall sconce will make you builing look great in the neighborhood. Available in vairous powers and two finishes.

SKU: WL718-13

The beautiful Lederam Wall Lamp shows its charm in reappearing the eclipse. With the outer disc rotating or tilting outwards, the light and the circle will create a pretty bright ring, giving the wall a gorgeous glow.


Artistic Painting LED Wall Light presents a painting with superior technology. With LED light, it seems to be alive and vivid. Even when it is not illuminated, it is an excellent decoration on the wall. 

SKU: WL744-4

Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp depicts a unique mural with personal ideas, which will be an unique art painting. The empty wall will be charming.Discarding the cumbersome design, it is composed by circles in black, white or grey finish.

SKU: WL746-1

Vivid and fun LED Perch Wall Lamp decorates your wall and brings your home to life. With superb LED technology, you can't see a trace of light fixture. It is a real adornment. Available in two sizes.

SKU: PL178-1headA-warm

Like Spider Man in the movie, Wireflow free form pendant gives you endless play space and great illumination. Various sizes are available for both large and small spaces.

SKU: WL6004-1

Creative Eclipse Rotatable Wall Lamp is composed by two semi-circles, each of which is with an in-built LED-strip. The white half-circle is fixed on the wall while the other can be rotated  freely in black or woody finish. It is free to form a specific shape. WL6004

SKU: 101033-6

Linear LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp has a long and a short wall light, which allows you to play freely. When they are installed on the wall, it can be artistic like a loose but elegant painting. Available in simple black finish. 

SKU: 1546975-1

NARIDA Pastel LED Wall Lamp has a shape of mirrow in macaron-colored finishes. The whole round LED light source can provide sufficient lighting downward. It is suitable to be a bedside light. Available in five finishes.

SKU: 1546950-1

Both the upper and lower parts of SIMIG LED Sleek Wall Lamp can emit light, as if the light was covered with a horizontal band. It can play a good role in decorating the wall. Suitable for large empty walls. Available in five sizes and two finishes.


TEVERN LED Ceiling Light has a strange shape which is unforgettable. Unlike traditional LED ceiling lights, it features a similar shape of spinning top, with light falling from the top disc to the bottom disc, making the light concrete.

SKU: WL001-1

The Led tube light is an adjustable wall light with LED technology which casts a pin-sharp beam of light. Available in four different colors. 

SKU: WL6006-1

Cube LED Wall Lamp is functional wall sconce, which can be used in indoors as well as outdoors. It is perfect as a bedside wall lamp, which will be convenient for you to not stay in a total dark at night. Besides, you can set this in the children's room to drive away the coolness of the dark night.

SKU: WL002-2

Featuring a simple design of long bar, Porch Adjustable Wall Lamp is a must-have for many families because of its rotatable light source. The wooden surface makes this LED wall lamp look comfortable and brings a sense of nature. 

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