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SKU: 10089-1

Eye-catching but not overwhelming, these Frosted Wood Wall Lamp make the perfect low-key addition to your living room or foyer. Available in three different designs.

SKU: WL002-3

Featuring a simple design of long bar, Porch Adjustable Wall Lamp is a must-have for many families because of its rotatable light source. The wooden surface makes this LED wall lamp look comfortable and brings a sense of nature. 

SKU: TL003-9

Geometric Figure Desk Light will keep your home cozy and shinning. This table light is composed by LED-strip in various shapes which are interesting and cute. It is suitable for being a bedside light. Available in five models and two finishes.

SKU: 10025-Silver-Body-9-Heads-Cool-White

The delicate crystal Snowflake Chandelier looks like the luxuriant blossoms or lots of shining stars, which is suitable for living rooms and dining areas to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Available in two sizes.

SKU: 1546011
€132.06 €178.00

Scandinavian Pendant Light is the classic Nordic pendant light. Composed by the wooden top and aluminum lampshade, the design is simple, but each arc is created by the designer carefully, so this pendant lamp has never been out-dated.

SKU: PL8451254-3

Andenon Cement Pendant Light combines cement and wood to form a simple delicate pendant light. These two raw materials collide, showing an artistic sense and the creation of nature. Available in various finishes.

SKU: 1546028

Anovida Scandinavian Hanging Lamp follows the concepts of Nordic design, which is refined but not cumbersome. This simple but stylish pendant light has the shape of a bowl. The macaron finishes make it ideal for residential areas.

SKU: 1546106

Avola Modern Hanging Light has a slender body which can make the space with a high ceiling compact. It is suitable for hanging several pieces together in a row or as a bedside light singly. Available in three finishes.


Bay Duck Glass Pendant Light is a delicate ornament, like a work of art hanging in the air. A bird stands on the lampshade with its arms open, as if it was ready to take off. The beauty of this moment is hidden in the glass bird pendant light.

SKU: PL025-15

Long Modern Tubular Pendant Lamp has a cylindrical body, with in-built LED strip, which is simple but practical. This generous LED pendant light is very suitable for minimalists. Hanging in rows will provide a good visual effect.

SKU: PL6010-1

COMBUS Pastel Combination Hanging Lamp has a disc-like lampshade in fresh colors. This pendant light is simple but elegant, which is especially suitable for Nordic indoor decorations. Available in two sizes and three finishes. 

SKU: PL6018-1

The round CRIMSON Circular Pendant Light is like a greeting card. With warm color finish, it diffuse warmth as soon as it is turned on. The funny design makes this simple pendant light stylish. Available in two sizes and three finishes. 

SKU: PL51458-1

DELUCA Modern Caged Hanging Lamp has remodeled an industrial caged pendant lamp, adding modern elements. Full of Nordic style, it is suitable for the residential areas. The upper and lower parts can emit the light, shining the whole lamp.

SKU: PL6026-1

DIVANAH Bird Cage Pendant Light has a special shape of bird cage, which makes people think of a comfortable life. It will be a stunning decoration in any space, letting people never forget. Ideal for commercial areas.

SKU: 20220609001

Wooden Pendant Light is a minimalist pendant light full of  Japanesestyle, which reminds you of tatami. After polishing, the natural pattern of the tree is revealed. It has a disc-like shape, making you feel comfortable and natural. 

SKU: PL20230130-002

Minimalist Oval Ring Pendant Light is composed by an oval body and a ball lampshade, which is an elegant Nordic pendant lamp. The golden finish with the opal glass render the whole space, creating a serene atmosphere. 

€108.00 €159.00
€88.00 €128.00

The small and delicate Drop Cap Pendant Light features a shape of bell, which is an easy-matching embellishment. With a personalized Edison bulb, it will be the brightest object in any space. Made of metal.

€88.00 €128.00
SKU: 1546247-3

Beautiful Geometric Pendant Light features unique caged shapes with solid color, accentuating the charm of light bulbs. This concise pendant light is available in vigorous red or yellow and elegant black or gold, which is suitable for any space.

SKU: PL6032-1

Exotic Vintage Glass Pendant Light is a novel industrial pendant light. The combination of retro hues and the classic awning lampshade make this easy-matching pendant lamp unique. Suitable for various interior decorations.

SKU: PL6033-1

FEDORA Pendant Light is a cylindrical cement pendant lamp with a wooden top and ceiling plate. With small white points on the deep-colored lampshades, it looks like granite. Ideal for collocating with bright-colored decorations, such as plants. 

SKU: PL6035-1

Full of design, FJOR Mesh Cage Pendant Lamp is a creative industrial pendant light, which features double lampsades. With a oval frame, it has a mesh lampshade with a glass lampshade inside, making it like fireflies inside when inlluminated.

SKU: 1546265-1

FLYCATCHER Perched Bird Hanging Light is a cute ceiling lamp like some birds standing on a vertical branch. Macaron-colored bird lampshades are fun and vivid. It will shine the space and make you feel happy.

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