How To Choose Best Table Lamps For 2021

Table lamps are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of life. With the advancement of technology, the number and types of table lamps are increasing day by day. The question that follows is how to choose a suitable table lamp. Table lamps come in different types and materials, and you should understand them carefully. Next, the table lamp will be introduced through the following parts: Dome Mushroom Table Lamp Glo-Ball Table Lamp Battery LED Rechargeable dimmable table lamp

What is a table lamp

Table lamp generally refers to the illuminating lamp with a base used on the table. With the advancement of science and technology, the appearance and shape of table lamps are constantly developing, and magnetic table lamps that can be adsorbed in any position gradually appear, which are small and exquisite and easy to carry. The main function of the table lamp is to illuminate, which is convenient for reading, studying, and working. The table lamp has far surpassed its own value and has even become a work of art.

Why buy a table lamp

Under normal circumstances, lighting such as chandeliers is suitable for daily life, but not suitable for use as fixed-point lighting, such as reading a book for a long time.

The mobility of the table lamp allows you to move it at any time and transfer the light to the place that needs to be illuminated.

How to choose a table lamp

The choice of table lamp is related to the interior space design and demand. For example, simple design style, you can choose modern table lamp and scandinavian table lamp. The choice of table lamps in different spaces is different. The living room table lamp and dining table lamp mainly pay attention to whether the design of the table lamp is consistent with the style of the space. The study desk lamp and bedside counter lamp pay attention to the brightness of the table lamp, and generally choose warm light. Can create a comfortable reading environment

Types of Table lamps

Acrylic table lamp

GOBLET Table Light

The GOBLET Table Light has a patterned lampshade and a shiny lamp body. When you light it up, the light will be refracted by the special lampshade, creating an amazing visual feast. This practical and decorative table lamp is very suitable as a bedside lamp or placed in the living room. Buy it Vintage Mushroom Table Light

Vintage Mushroom Table Light

The Vintage Mushroom Table Light adopts the classic white color as a whole. This design-filled lamp is like a quiet work of art, embellishing the entire space with surrounding decorations. When you light it up, it is like an elegant lamp, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Buy it

RING LED Table Light

The RING LED Table Light is a minimalist Nordic design, easy to match and fully functional. The combination of LED light strips and geometric figures shows the beauty of geometric art. The light can be diffused directly. Buy it

Planet Table Lamp

Planet Table Lamp shows the beautiful surface of the planet and is a modern decorative table lamp. This table lamp is mainly made of acrylic and marble and is available in four finishes. The marble base also varies according to the color of the lampshade. Buy it

Metal table lamp

Atollo Table Lamp

The Atollo Table Lamp consists of a hemispherical lampshade and a cylindrical base, which looks like a mushroom from a distance. As a popular classic design, every detail shows exquisite craftsmanship like a smooth curved surface. Buy it

Fun 1TM/2TM Table Lamp

The Fun 1TM/2TM Table Lamp has a two-ring or three-ring frame with a shell plate hanging like a tassel. The shells are hung on the ring, creating a feeling of joy, beauty and surprise. It is an ideal choice for living room and bedroom. Buy it Dome Mushroom Table Lamp

Dome Mushroom Table Lamp

The Dome Mushroom Table Lamp includes a dome lampshade and a slim body with a round base. This table lamp will be perfectly integrated into your design plan, whether you are looking for Scandinavian style or embracing your love for all industrial things. Buy it

Birdcage Table Light

Birdcage Table Light is a combination of industrial cage lampshade and marble elements, full of elegant and concise industrial style. The upper cage lampshade gives a light feeling, while the bottom marble is a solid embodiment. The light diffuses around through the cage lampshade, forming a warm atmosphere. Buy it

Best table lamp

Gatto Table Lamp

Gatto Table Lamp

Gatto Table Lamp is cute and fun. Like a lazy kitten lying on the table, it makes people feel very comfortable. The special materials and curves outline the streamlined body, providing a smooth touch and visual sense. It is an ideal choice for living room and bedroom. Buy it cesta table lamp

Cesta Table lamp

Cesta Table lamp is made of high-quality wood and glass materials. It is an interesting portable table lamp. There are wood or walnut finishes to choose from. After polishing, the wooden basket shows the unique texture of the tree, just like a natural work of art. Buy it

PLUME Table Light

PLUME Table Light is a beautiful and romantic desktop decoration. It has two bases to choose from. It has a white feather lampshade that looks like clouds. Warm lighting can create a comfortable atmosphere and make the mood happy. Buy it

Balloon Table Lamp

Balloon Table Lamp is mainly made of metal and blown glass. There are three colors of glass: smoky gray, amber and transparent, and each color will be matched with the corresponding lamp holder metal plate. Express the eternal beauty with the beauty of hand-blown glass. Buy it

The above is about the selection of table lamps. You can choose the suitable table lamp according to your needs. You can learn more about table lamps on our website.

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