How To Install The Ceiling Light

Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, we all need lighting fixtures. According to the survey, the ceiling lamp is one of the lamp types that most people will choose. Ceiling lights not only play the role of lighting in the living room, but the choice and installation of the ceiling light will also directly affect the aesthetics of the living room. Ceiling lamps have a wide range of applications, which are lamps that are directly installed on the ceiling. The shape of the ceiling lamp is relatively simple, and it does not occupy too much space. But many people are always confused on how to install the ceiling lamp, so how to install the ceiling lamp? ceiling light

Several steps to install ceiling lights:

1. Choose a good location

Before installing the ceiling light, we must first determine the installation position of the ceiling light. Generally speaking, ceiling lights are installed in the center of the room, so that the light in the entire space can be evenly distributed, and the light in all corners will be more even. But for the bedroom, considering the quality of our sleep, it is recommended that the ceiling lamp should not be installed directly above the bed as much as possible, and should be installed in another location. In this way, we will not be disturbed by the dazzling light when we are resting, and we can have a better sleep quality.

2. Disassemble the outer cover of the ceiling light

Secondly, we must prepare the ceiling light that needs to be installed, and then remove the cover of the ceiling light for installation, but when removing the cover, we must be careful not to use too much force to avoid damage to the ceiling light. In addition, when we remove the outer cover, we can also remove the lamp tube or bulb of the ceiling light by the way, which can prevent the lamp tube or bulb from being broken during installation.

3. Install the base of the ceiling light

We need to install the base in a pre-planned position, then mark it with a pencil, then remove the base, use an electric drill to drill the marked position, and then install the expansion bolts for fixing the base in the hole. It should be noted that the diameter and embedding depth of the drilled hole should be in accordance with the bolt specifications, and then put the base back to the predetermined position and fix it.

4. Connect the wire of the ceiling light

After the previous step is done, we need to connect the power cord and the ceiling lamp socket together at this time. At this time, what we need to pay attention to is that the two ends of the power cord of the ceiling lamp should be in good electrical contact, and the two ends should be wrapped with black tape and kept a certain distance. Try not to put the two ends. Under the same piece of metal, so as to avoid short circuit and danger.

5. Install the cover of the ceiling light

After the wire of the ceiling light is connected, we need to carry out the corresponding power-on test on the ceiling light. If the indicator shows that everything is normal, then we can turn off the power, and finally install the cover of the ceiling light.

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Tips for cleaning ceiling lamps

Pay attention to cleaning the ceiling light after using it for a period of time. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of the ceiling light. If your ceiling light is installed in the kitchen or bathroom, the biggest problem with the cleaning of the ceiling light is oily smoke and humidity, so pay attention to the following points in the cleaning of the ceiling light: 1. The kitchen environment is humid, which may cause the ceiling lamp to leak electricity, so be sure to turn off the power before cleaning the ceiling light, and do not wipe the ceiling light holder with a damp cloth. 2. When scrubbing the ceiling light, you should put light-colored cotton socks or cotton gloves on your hands, gently wipe the ceiling light, and do not move the parts inside the ceiling light at will. 3. The lampshade of the ceiling light can be cleaned according to the material. If the ceiling light shade is glass, you can carefully scrub with a soft cloth. If the ceiling light shade is plastic, you can remove it for cleaning. 4. Regarding the cleaning of the dirt on the ceiling light holder, you can first remove the dust on the surface, and then wipe with a little toothpaste with a cotton cloth, but be careful not to let moisture remain on the ceiling light holder. ceiling light bedroom The above precautions about installing and cleaning the ceiling light, hope to help you answer your doubts, so that you have a clearer understanding of installing and cleaning the ceiling light.

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