Are you looking for an easy-matching and simple small aim replica to decorate your interior? Here is an aim lamp is introduced to you now. Aim lamp is a functional and minimal pendant light which is the best choices in any interior decoration. This aim pendant lamp is mainly made of  aluminum and acrylic. Available in two sizes of aim replica light in Dia 18 cm x H 15 cm and Dia 24.5 cm x H 18 cm, two colors of replica flos aim lamp in black aim small pendant light and white aim led pendant light. Besides, This aim pendant replica has 1 to 10 heads for you to choose. Now let’s go to know more about this lampe aim.

1. Lampada flos aim replica 1 heads

Aim lampe flos light has a built-in LED chip with a power of 10 W. Lampara suspendida aim is not take up your space. Besides, Replica flos aim has a convenient and human design which the length of cable and the direction can be adjusted. This simple design of flos aim pendant light is not lack of trendy style. A lot of interiors will choose this aim small pendant light to decorate their house.

2. Replica flos aim lamp 2 heads

Are you looking for a aim multi light pendant with simple functions? The lampara aim flos replica provided by the Simig store which can meet your needs. The aim pendant lamp has two colors, white flos aim pendant replica and black flos aim copy. If you want to have a simple replica flos aim, white aim led multi-light pendant light is perfect for you. If not, the classic black aim small multipoint led pendant light will give you a cool feeling.

3. Replica flos aim pendant 3 suspension light 3 heads

Painted aluminum suspension aim flos lamp with LED light source which can save 80% of electricity. The light line of aim pendant flos can be adjusted at will to illuminate different angles. This lampada flos aim replica is suitable for both commercial and private space. Lampara aim flos can create a romantic sense in your interior. The light from the metal lampara aim flos replica will add personality and warmth to any family.

4. Aim lamp 4 heads

Aim lamp has 4 heads which gives you a vivid vison. The total shape of aim small pendant lamp looks like a chocolate pudding. Hanging this cute and simple replica lampara aim in your dining areas which creates a sweet sense.

5. Flos aim 5 pendant lighting – black and white 5 heads

Come and see aim 5 pendant. What a beautiful pendellamp aim! The vertical style of suspension aim led creates a sense of mystery, giving people’s vision a new experience. Aim flos light can also display in book room, When you read the fairy tale with your children under the aim pendant light replica, you will bathe in the warm and comfortable glow of this novel aim 5 pendant. I am sure that you will like the aim pendant light.

6. Aim light fixture 6 heads

The aim light fixture 6 heads shows the exquisite craft with a simple Nordic style in subtle colors, The simple design of flos aim multi will give you a refreshing feeling. Aim lamps are perfect for living room, dining room and and so on. Aim suspension of different sizes make your space more unique. This aim pendel combines the design of artistic aesthetics and is very suitable for home decoration. If you like this pendel lampe aim, don’t miss lampada aim replica.

7. Aim flos lamp 7 heads

Using the flos aim bedroom lamp, the confusing light and shadow make the bedroom shrouded in a faint hazy beauty. Aim flos imitazione is easy to attract people by whether the unique design or delicate details. Don’t miss the classical and beautiful aim flos lampa.

8. Aim flos lampa 8 heads

Pendel lampe aim is a new and trendy hanglamp aim flos. Hey, look at the personality and unique appearance of flos aim lamp replica which is looks like a creative little drum. Playing a wonderful music in your whole interior. This aim hanglamp can not only be used for lighting, but also fulling of artistic atmosphere. An lampada flos aim small with 8 heads is waiting for you now.

9. Aim lamp replica 9 heads

We want to have a different life, even just a simple lighting. The nine-head aim hanglamp flos can provide bright light and increase the lighting area. This kind of long-headed suspension aim led is placed in the restaurant, and you will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. The total shape of hanglamp aim can reflect the light and lead most of light  downward. Lampara aim de flos is soft and not glaring. Moreover, aim lamp replica will be a good choice for your interior or public spaces, if you want to build a modern stylish environment.

10. Flos aim lamp replica 10 heads

This flos aim big is suitable for hanging in the living room or above the dinning table. With warm white of aim lampe flos, aim lampada flos will create the elegant and fashionable sense. Suspension aim small flos is very suitable for private and public places. Whether suspension aim flos is a unique style or high-quality materials, you have enough reasons to choose aim hanglamp.

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Above is the display of the lampada aim flos.