Illuminate Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is part of the dining area since open kitchen will make you take in everything at a glance. Kitchen Island is a table where people prepare food for cooking. And some people use it directly as a dining table. A suitable lamp for Kitchen Island can make the space look more coordinated and add an ambient lighting to the dining area. Here’s a selection of various styles for your kitchen island.

Scandinavian Pendant Light

The common Scandinavian pendant light is the most easy-matching lamp in any room. With simple color schemes, it features a functional lampshade such as dome and cone, so that it can gather light downward to provide an effective lighting. It is common to hang several small Scandinavian pendant lights in a row, because it is easy to change the position of each pendant lamp to control the light range well. It will create a neat visual effect for the Kitchen Island.

Candlestick Pendant Light

Candlestick Chandelier has always been a wonderful light fixture in the Kitchen Island. The concise structure and the delicate embellishments make it ideal for decorating the open kitchen. It does not look too bulky and the light can pass through it well. It will bring a retro touch and its charm will last forever.

Drum Pendant/Ceiling Light

For the place that has a demand for lighting, the efficient LED lights and the drum-shaped pendant lights are ideal for kitchens. They can provide bright downward light. Drum pendant lights or ceiling lights are made of iron or aluminum which are durable and easy to clean. Simple design with a variety of color finishes makes it easy to fit into any indoor decoration.

Long Horizontal Chandelier

The horizontal chandelier conform to the shape of kitchen island well. The long horizontal structure allows to provide enough light above the kitchen island with only one chandelier. Besides, it will become the center of the entire open kitchen easily. The most common types of horizontal chandeliers are molecular lamps with glass balls or minimalist chandeliers. Of course, if you want to add more fun to the kitchen, you can choose from colorful and unique chandeliers.

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