You must look at these 3 points before buying home led lights

At present, led lights have entered thousands of households. With the popularity of this kind of lights, more and more people choose led lights when decorating, but some people don’t know about home led lights and don’t know about home led lights. Whether lights are worth buying, this article will give a comprehensive introduction to home led lights. I believe you will have the answer in your mind after reading it.

home led lights

Are home led lights good?

1. The impact of home led lights on people

Many people are concerned about the safety of home led lights, which can be analyzed from three perspectives: light-emitting angle, brightness, and chip luminous body.

SIMIG LED Ceiling Lamp

SIMIG LED Ceiling Lamp

Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp

Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp Light-emitting angle: The light-emitting angle of home led lights will be different according to different purposes. Therefore, when choosing home led lights, consider the purpose of home led lights. For example, if it is a background wall, you can use a diffuse angle. Home led lights, but home led lights with a diffuser angle must not be installed on the desk or bedside, otherwise it will affect your eyesight to a certain extent.Home led lights brightness: led lights should meet the laser class Ⅰ standard. 1W led lamp=3W energy-saving lamp=15W incandescent lamp, the higher the wattage, the greater the impact on eyesight, so do not blindly choose home led lights with high wattage.Chip led luminous body: The quality and price of led light chips are also different. The price and quality of led light chips produced in different countries will also be different. The quality of more expensive home led lights chips will be more guaranteed.

2. The performance of home led lights

The performance of home led lights is also what consumers care about most when choosing, such as the size of the home led lights chip, the lifespan and wavelength of the lamp, these issues must be inquired clearly before purchasing home led lights.

Minimalist LED Pendant Light

home led lights

Smuxi 6/8 Head LED Industrial Iron Ceiling Light

Smuxi The chip size of home led lights: The chip size of home led lights is generally expressed by side length. The quality of large chip LED is better than that of small chip.The wavelength is the same: the wavelength affects the color of home led lights. Regular home led lights should have the same wavelength and color. Some manufacturers who do not have led spectrophotometers can hardly produce led lights with pure colors during production, so When choosing home led lights, it is best to choose a seller with a good reputation.Different lifespan: Lifespan is also a point of concern when choosing home led lights. The lifespan of home led lights is determined by light decay. The light decay of home led lights means that after a period of time, the light intensity will be lower than the original, and the low part is the light decay of home led lights. Lamps with low light decay have a longer service life.

3. The safety of home led lights

Although home led lights are not bulky items, they also require electricity, so they cannot be ignored in terms of safety.

GRANDEUR Modern LED Pendant Light

GRANDEUR Modern LED Pendant Light

KUU Pendant Light

KUU Pendant Light Leakage current: Since the led light is a unidirectional conductive light-emitting body, if the home led lights have a reverse current, that is, when the home led lights are leaking, the leakage current is too large, the service life of the home led lights will also be reduced, and it will affect the use Safety, easy to cause short circuit and other situations.led lamp colloid: Generally speaking, the colloid of led is epoxy resin. You can choose home led lights with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant when choosing. Although the price is higher, home led lights with these functions are also safe to use. Will be improved.Antistatic ability: The stronger the antistatic ability of home led lights, the longer the service life. Generally speaking, home led lights with antistatic greater than 700V are qualified.

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