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From candles, oil lamps to various modern table lamps, lamp put on the table has been not only a fixture that offers light but also an adornment in any indoor decoration. As an angel that dispels darkness, it is the nearest light fixture to you, which you will always see carelessly. A beautiful desk light can render the atmosphere as well as making people feel happy. Many places in your house need a warm table lamp, like bedside table, table in the entrance or near the sofa, or coffee table. Besides,  you may need a functional but elegant desk light to accompany you in the study. Here you can find kinds of chic and special table lamps.

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The Italian icon-Atollo Table Lamp has a mushroom look, which is creative and chic. It is formed by hemispherical shade and cylinderical base, which gives warm and indirect lighting.

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€112.00 €135.00

The classic Nordic AJ Table Lamp is very functional, with smart design that allows the lampshade to freely adjust the light source. The unique shape emphasizes the beauty of the streamlines. Available in black or white.

SKU: TL415845
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€49.99 €155.00

Like its name, the rechargeable Kartell Battery table lamp is a pleasant decorative table lamp that has a patterned lampshade and body with a lustre. When you turn on the light, the visual effect is more amazing.

€49.99 €155.00
SKU: TL8011-1
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Featuring the shape of satellite dish, Taccia Table Lamp can absorb fashion and then spread it to your home. The large bowl lampshade with specially design allows light to reflect and emit in a special way. Available in two dimensions and three finishes.

SKU: TL1425698-1

Welcome to Blossi, the award-winning collection of glass lighting. Blossi table lamp brings serenity with its touch of glass and soft diffused light.

SKU: TL902601
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€128.99 €158.99

You'll love the clean metal aesthetic and the strong visual effect of this innovative Bellevue AJ8 Table Lamp with its graceful lines. It offers functional lighting with an industrial feel. Available in five finishes.

SKU: TL747-1

Stylish and graceful PH 3/2 Table Lamp is like an inversed flower, consisting of three opal glass petals. Through reflection, the light becomes diffused warm light. Available in two dimensions and three finishes. 

SKU: TL489-1
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Named after the Italian word "cat", Gatto Table Lamp is like a languid kitten lying on a table, making people feel comfortable. Available in two dimensions.

SKU: TL719-3
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€100.00 €150.00

Combining glass and concrete, this award-winning designer Leimu Glass Table Lamp features a shape of wine glass which exudes graceful and intoxicating charm. It is available in four colours.

SKU: 20220602001

Panthella table light is an elegant white table lamp, which is like a work of art waiting to be discovered. As long as illuminated, it can bring the leisure nad quiet atmosphere. The smooth curves accentuate the beauty.

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Oda Pulpo Lamp is a classic Nordic design, which shows the charm of glass. It features a large glass lampshade on the metal base. Different glass color brings it unique visual effect. It is a work of art.

SKU: TL6003-3
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Cesta Table lamp is a portable table light like the art of the nature. When it is illuminated, it  creates a soft light for a relaxing ambience. Made of wood and glass. Available in two sizes and two color finishes.

SKU: TL8009-1
€59.99 €80.00

The bright Sunset Table Lamp will create the perfect ambiance for you. It provides sunset and rainbow in your house. Mimicking the beauty of nature, it combines human thought with natural scenes. 

SKU: TL414-4

The night owl table lamp will make you love it at first glare. It is a cute night light that will emit a warm light. With special watermarking technology, it shows wooden textures which is comfortable visually.

SKU: 1546989-3
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IC Lights table light combines designer Michael Anastassiades’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. It is a stylish glass ball table light which is suitable for bedroom and living room. Available in three different designs and three color finishes. 

SKU: TL14125412
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Full of Japanese Zen, Akari 1A Table Lamp is a lantern that can stand on the table. With special material-Mulberry paper, it is paired with rods, highlighting the lampshade, which is extremely cute and personal.

SKU: TL4578423-1

Imitating the classic image of the cartoon character-Snoopy, Snoopy Table Lamp will remind you of the interesting childhoods and classic movies. A simple color scheme adds a stylish sense.

SKU: 213920
Brand: N/A
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Contrary to its name, Rituals Table Lamp has a simple shape but with a subtle and sophisticated pattern. The wrinkles on the glass lampshade make it look like a product made of cocoon, which reveals the excellent craft.

SKU: TL478-2

Fun 1TM/2TM Table Lamp is trendy and charming, which is perfect for your living room or bedroom. It features a two-ring or three-ring frame with hanging seashell discs like tassels. Available in two sizes.

€60.00 €155.00

Simple industrial Tripod Table Lamp is a stylish and fun desk light, which can easily fit into any indoor environment. It can play a good role in lighting attributed to its solid base and domed lampshade.

SKU: TL10110A
€150.26 €310.43

The stylish Birdcage Table Light combines metal and marble which is full of elegance and concise industrial style. The LED light source spreads around through the caged lampshade, creating a sense of suspension.

SKU: TL8008-1

The warm light of Vintage Corrugated Table Light will comfort your life. The elegancy of wood, with the corrugated lampshade, exudes the charm of the medieval royal style. It is perfect as a bedside lamp.

Remote Stepless Dimming Version is extremely convenient for you at night.

SKU: TL732-1

Bring an attractive rose with our MARQUIS LED Table Lamp to your home. You will find a never-withering blossom in different colors anytime. It is a beautiful decoration for any indoor decoration.

SKU: TL8044-1

Just as its name shows, Saint table lamp is elegant, as if it had been baptized, to calm people down. Composed by straight line, circle and sphere. Available in two finishes.

SKU: TL746

Perch Table Lamp will bring your home to life all the time. With the exquisite craft, this bird table lamp brings the bird to life, as if it would fly in your home in the next second.

SKU: TL8008-1

Timeless Muffins Collection allows you to enjoy the aesthetic charm of light and glass. It makes a ingenious combination of glass and wood, which highlight the luster of glass. It is a beautiful decoration in any space.

SKU: TL6008-6

This small and lovely Creamy Table Light can create many atmospheres, such as serene Japanese Zen, Korean romance and retro style. Available in various color combinations, it has a smooth visual effect, making you feel relaxed.

SKU: TL4009-1

This small and delicate Globular Table Lamp is full of futurism like a small robot. It is extremely metallic, but with macaron's finishes, it has a lovely cute characteristic, which is ideal for children's rooms.


The charming Hand-carried Basket Table Light can give off a gentle and elegant beauty. It will create a peaceful and serene atmosphere when it is illuminated. It is a design of the combination of handbag and basket.

SKU: TL756-3

Like the lumious pearl at night, the small and delicate JWDA table lamp glows in the dark, adding a touch of warmth to the tranquil evening. It is suitable as a bedside lamp. 

SKU: Tl725-6

Lively Table Light is functional as well as bright due to its rotatable and macaron-colored lampshade. It will relax you and make the room full of energy, which is suitable for children's rooms and the study.

SKU: TL10103-4

Mimicking the bird's shape, Birdy Table Lamp is a very functional desk light due to its adjustable connections. You can change the angle and direct the light to where you need it. Available in various finishes.

SKU: TL745-1

Pebble Table Lamp is well known for its shape of goose's egg. The interesting and novel look with a white finish makes it like a glowing pearl at night. A variety of sizes help it easy to be placed in any environment.

SKU: TL751-3

PLUME Table Light is a beautiful and romantic decoration on the table, which is perfect for the bedroom or living room. The soft white feather lampshade gives a comfortable visual effect. Available in two bases.

SKU: TL003-9

Geometric Figure Desk Light will keep your home cozy and shinning. This table light is composed by LED-strip in various shapes which are interesting and cute. It is suitable for being a bedside light. Available in five models and two finishes.

SKU: TL6012-1

The bright and stunning COZY LED Table Light can decorate the room with a comfortable ambient. It takes the LED light source as the main body with wooden embellishments. When illuminated, it will exude the elegant charm.

SKU: TL9016A

Artistic LED Ring Table Lamp will bring a touch of creativity in your home, which  features a circle framework that houses led-chip technology and displays various drawings that portray natural scenery.

SKU: TL8007-1

As a minimalist night light, T-touch LED Ring Table Lamp is practical as well as decorative. The circular LED strip provides a simplistic, yet elegant look. Besides, it allows you to choose different light intensity.


With classic simple color, personalized Cap Table Lamp is a retro artwork, which will never be out-dated. Made of metal. Available in two finishes.


Palm Tree Table Light reproduces a plant into a retro style, which is perfect for creating a rustic aesthetic or rendering a vintage atmosphere. The sophisticated textures reveal the beauty of craftsmanship.

SKU: TL6007-1

This popular CREAM Table Light gives you a comfortable and soft visual feeling. When illuminated, the light will form a beautiful gradient effect due to the corrugated lampshade and the glass base. Available in two colors.

SKU: TL489-1

Painted Glass Table Light is a collection of Baroque table lamps, which adds an exotic charm to your house. There are different patterns on each design, such as flowers and butterflies. The richful colors make it a stunning decoration.


This exotic TERRA Table Light puts a geometrical base on a beautiful silhouette, which will create a graceful landscape in your house. It is ideal for any contemporary setting. Available in three designs and three finishes.

SKU: NEW-9-1-1
€198.00 €236.00

Modern Ombre table lamp imitates the view of a person holding an umbrella, which is extremely artistic and personalized. It is inspired by the light and shadow, making it like an art of work. Available in two finishes.

SKU: TL757-2

The beautiful JAR Table Light gives glass products an innovative trend, which uses the visual effect of refraction to create a grand water reflection in a small jar, making people feel amazing. Available in three glass colors.

SKU: TL6004-1

Classic JAR Table Lamp is a stylish Nordic night light. The elegant color schemes add a noble sense. It is small but functional since the adjustable lampshade makes it provide a precise lighting.


The eye-catching LIMN Post-modern Table Light is a 3D sketch of geometry, revealing the primitive artstic beauty. It is suitable for those who like post-modern decorations and works of art. Made of metal and glass.

SKU: FL717-1

LED Sunset Light brings a romantic and gorgeours visual feast, which can make you enjoy the sunglow at home. It is useful for creating a particular atmosphere and tone. Available in five dimensions and two light colors. 

SKU: TL8789-1

Ripple Table Light is an elegant table lamp with a symmetrical pattern which makes it look like a mural. The glossy ceramic and soft silk cloth are combined in fresh color tones. Available in two sizes and four finishes.

SKU: WL6009-1

This decorative DECOR LED Table Light, with the LED-strip, creates a romantic starlight banquet, so that the night is no longer cold and dark. The geometric metal frame shows the eternal beauty.

SKU: TL6006-1
€99.99 €125.00

The moder Nordic CRADLE Table Light is unique due to its new design of the curved body. The conical lampshade allows light to pour down, making it ideal for being a bedside light. Available in black or white finish.

SKU: TL724-3

Directly revealing the charm of minimalist design, Linear LED Table Lamp makes people feel comfortable collocating with other simple furniture. Availabe in three choices of light.


Balloon table lamp is a novel work of art, showing the beauty of glass products. Inspired by the characteristics of the balloon, it adopts the appearance of a balloon, so it looks light, letting people feel relaxing.


This elegant Nordic SWING Ball Table Light is an embodiment of circle beauty. It is a charming desk light composed by a ring and a ball, which is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Available in black or white finish.

SKU: TL734-8

The interesting and dazzling Melt Table Lamp is a vibrant lava, which will catch attention and highlight the space easily. Full of futuristic sense, it uses the thin PVC surface to create this gorgeous view.

SKU: TL742-10

Minimalist Wooden Table Light is ideal for the bedroom which can provide diffused light for the warm atmosphere. The combination of the wooden base and fabric lampshade renders the pleasant atmosphere.

SKU: TL6011-1

This cute and chic ELK LED Table Light is creative and full of childlike, which can bring much fun to you. Featuring a shape of deer, it is suitable for those who like childish things. Certaily, this is a good choice for children's rooms.


The functional TWO Table/Wall Light has a metallic caged body with a leather handle, which can be hung on the wall or set on the table. It not only reveals the luster of metal and leather, but also creates lots of fun.

SKU: TL8010-1

As a luminous mushroom, STONE Mushroom Table Lamp is a interesting Nordic table light. It is full of fresh feeling, which reminds you of the forest. Available in three finishes.

SKU: TL6005-1

The homely COMFY Table Light adds modern trendy elements into the traditional desk light. It has a corrugated or linen lampshade, allowing light to spread into the air. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: TL11-Circle:Dia20cm×H26cm-black-coollight

RING LED Table Light is a simple geometric table lamp which is easy-matching and functional. Belonging to linear LED light fixtures, it can be collocated with other linear luminaires, creating a modern minimalist interior.

SKU: TL737-8

The minimalist MIN Table Light is perfect for using as a bedside lamp and in the study. The simple design showcases the characteristics of metalwork and the charm of the industrial styles. As a practical table light, it is decorative as well as durable.

SKU: TL750-1
€155.00 €185.99

With warm light, the interesting and novel lampshade of Planet Table Lamp will immerse you in the mysterious Milky Way, which must be an eye-catching ornament. Available in four finishes.

SKU: TL420-1

The simple and comfortable Nordic Ceramics Table Light adds luster to the ordinary residential areas with lively macaron finishes. It is ideal for the living room, which will accompany you with diffused warm light at night.

SKU: TL6013-1

Diamond Fabric Table Light uses lines to subtly sketch out a diamond-shaped base with a fabric lampshade to allow light to spread. Even without shiny elements, it is a lamp immersed in the light, which can render a warm atmosphere.

SKU: BL6002-1

The warm CAVE LED Table Light gives you the comfortable visual feeling, which is a night light convenient for you in the evening. With warm light diffusing from the center, it is just good enough so it will not disturb others.

SKU: BL6001-1
€79.90 €115.00

This cute decorative Cartoon 3D Desk Lamp illuminates interesting cartoon characters, which is the brightest decoration on the table, making people feel better. It is ideal for children's rooms or bedrooms.

SKU: 10075-1

With classic circular design, Perfection Table Light will let people intoxicated. With the elegant gold finish, when it is illuminated, the warm light will emit from the opal glass lampshade. Available in two sizes. 

SKU: TL001-1

Romantic Feather Crystal Table Lamp makes your room become a fairy land. A variety of bright finishes will make you and your children fall in love with it easily. Available in four colors.

SKU: 10073-EU

Himalayan Salt Table Light has a shape of the snow mountain, but uses the lava color, giving a contradictory but magnificent visual effect. This is a decorative desk light, which is more like a work of art.

SKU: PL91009-1

The Bamboo Woven Vertical High Net Table Light is perfect for adding that special touch to your home or office. The light is woven of natural bamboo with a high net, which creates a beautiful and comfortable environment.

SKU: TL91017

Create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom with Tatami Zen Art Bedside Table Lamp. This lamp provides gentle light while adding a decorative touch. The Zen style is perfect for modern, relaxed bedrooms.

SKU: PL91023

Whether you need a little extra light for reading or want to create a tranquil environment; the Nordic Creative Zen Traditional Table Lamp offers you the perfect lighting. With its easy to use design, this lamp is portable and can be easily charged via USB. The Zen Traditional Table Lamp has four lighting modes: bright, natural, dim and nightlight.

SKU: PL91024-1
Brand: N/A

The Dauphine Bedside Table Lamp is an elegant and functional piece of furniture with a clean and minimal design. This lamp is made from durable and easy to maintain materials that will last you years. It fits into any nordic style decoration and provides you with a wonderful simple office desk.

SKU: TL91029
Brand: N/A

Add some elegant lighting to your home with the Emma Clear Glass Table Lamp. It has a cotton shade that delivers bright ambient lighting. Add a vibrant flair to any room with its golden finish. This table lamp is perfect for a side or end table to illuminate your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or entryway.

SKU: TL2021122302-7

LED JUBE Table Light features a huge hollow glass lampshade supported by only a thin stick, which seems like that the shade was suspended in the air. With retro color scheme, it is classic, noble  and elegant.

SKU: Object 3-TL-G

Object 3 is a timeless table lamp. The Object 3 Lamp’s appeal lies in its absolute simplicity. Echoing the aesthetic of your regular table lamp, the Object 3 is a lamp that’s entirely made from one sheet of metal.

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