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From candles, oil lamps to various modern table lamps, lamp put on the table has been not only a fixture that offers light but also an adornment in any indoor decoration. As an angel that dispels darkness, it is the nearest light fixture to you, which you will always see carelessly. A beautiful desk light can render the atmosphere as well as making people feel happy. Many places in your house need a warm table lamp, like bedside table, table in the entrance or near the sofa, or coffee table. Besides,  you may need a functional but elegant desk light to accompany you in the study. Here you can find kinds of chic and special table lamps.

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The Italian icon-Atollo Table Lamp has a mushroom look, which is creative and chic. It is formed by hemispherical shade and cylinderical base, which gives warm and indirect lighting.

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The classic Nordic AJ Table Lamp is very functional, with smart design that allows the lampshade to freely adjust the light source. The unique shape emphasizes the beauty of the streamlines. Available in black or white.

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Like its name, the rechargeable Kartell Battery table lamp is a pleasant decorative table lamp that has a patterned lampshade and body with a lustre. When you turn on the light, the visual effect is more amazing.

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Featuring the shape of satellite dish, Taccia Table Lamp can absorb fashion and then spread it to your home. The large bowl lampshade with specially design allows light to reflect and emit in a special way. Available in two dimensions and three finishes.

SKU: TL1425698-1

Welcome to Blossi, the award-winning collection of glass lighting. Blossi table lamp brings serenity with its touch of glass and soft diffused light.

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You'll love the clean metal aesthetic and the strong visual effect of this innovative Bellevue AJ8 Table Lamp with its graceful lines. It offers functional lighting with an industrial feel. Available in five finishes.

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Stylish and graceful PH 3/2 Table Lamp is like an inversed flower, consisting of three opal glass petals. Through reflection, the light becomes diffused warm light. Available in two dimensions and three finishes. 

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Named after the Italian word "cat", Gatto Table Lamp is like a languid kitten lying on a table, making people feel comfortable. Available in two dimensions.

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Combining glass and concrete, this award-winning designer Leimu Glass Table Lamp features a shape of wine glass which exudes graceful and intoxicating charm. It is available in four colours.

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Panthella table light is an elegant white table lamp, which is like a work of art waiting to be discovered. As long as illuminated, it can bring the leisure nad quiet atmosphere. The smooth curves accentuate the beauty.

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Oda Pulpo Lamp is a classic Nordic design, which shows the charm of glass. It features a large glass lampshade on the metal base. Different glass color brings it unique visual effect. It is a work of art.

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Cesta Table lamp is a portable table light like the art of the nature. When it is illuminated, it  creates a soft light for a relaxing ambience. Made of wood and glass. Available in two sizes and two color finishes.

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