Chic Table Lamps for Your Home Decoration

1.Vintage Mushroom Table Light

The simple white table lamp is recommended to you. This is a beautiful bedside lamp or an elegant ornament in the living room. The acryl provides a sleek and rounded surface with a comfortable visual effect. It will give you a homely comfort with warm light.

2.Taccia Table Lamp

How about an interesting designer table light in your home? This classic lamp seems like a satellite dish which could broadcast endless fun. The transparent glass lampshade, combined with a reflective PC board, gathers light well and makes it bathe in the glow.

3.Rituals Table Lamp

A luminous pearl brings you a good mood. Enjoy this brilliant beauty no matter in day or night, without constraints. The opal oval glass lampshade has a regular striped pattern, which is exquisite but in contrast to the simple tripod base.

4.Atollo Table Lamp

Needless to say more, the world-famous Atollo lamp, which has won numerous awards, was designed in 1977 and is still loved by people, which can be seen in most interior designs. The metal versions are available in two sizes and four colors. The glass version is translucent opal.

5.PH 3/2 Table Lamp

The PH lamps are the typical representation of Scandinavian style.The multi-layered lampshades, like petals, completely encase the light source. After being reflected and refracted, light is softened and uniform, making this table light great for creating a comfortable atmosphere.

6.IC Lights Table Light

The IC lamps always shine people's eyes. The simple stand supports a large bright glass ball. It has three designs that blend lines perfectly with the sphere, creating a balanced aesthetic of postmodern art.

7.Bellevue AJ8 Table Lamp

The designers bring simplicity and industrial style to the extreme. From top to bottom, the whole lamp follows the modern aesthetics. Bellevue AJ8 Desk Light is available in a variety of color combinations, which is suiatable for decorating your desk and accompanying you when working or studing.

8.AJ Table Lamp

Looking for a stylish lamp for your desk? This streamlined AJ desk light is perfect for any interior design with its black or white finish. The conical lampshade can be adjusted vertically to easily illuminate your office or study area.

9.Flowerpot Table Lamp

If there is a list of beautiful table lamps, Flowerpot VP9 table light must be put on. The rounded flower shape, coupled with a variety of macaroon colors, makes this lamp full of romantic and youthful feel. It's also in line with the idea that the designer get the name from the Flowerpot movement of promoting peace and love.

10.Gatto Table Lamp

You may have seen so much metal and glass table lamps. Have you ever seen a lamp made of cocoon? The special material form a dumbbell-shaped lampshade that creates a unique effect when illuminated. The inner steel frame enhances a third-dimentional sense.

11.Oda Pulpo Lamp

Do you want a glowing balloon? This non-flying balloon will bring light and warmth to your home. The four-corner base has a bit of a retro candlestick design, and the ethereal large glass lampshade is just inside the base. When it is illuminated, the light reaches the top directly, like a flame that never goes out.

12.Cesta Table lamp

Hand-carried lamps are an emerging trend, overturning the stereotype of table lamps. This small basket made of wood contains a large protein glass ball, which is both quaint and novel. Available in two wooden colors.

13.Fun 1TM/2TM Table Lamp

The shell table lamp reminds you of the sea. It's a gift from nature, made from natural shells, and the texture on each piece is unique. The clever idea and sophisticated design complement the home's decoration.

14.Perch Table Lamp

Some designers' ideas always surprise us just like this bird table light. Inspired by the bird's habitat, this lamp full of natural sense is both chic and beautiful. With in-built led light source, the bird can be separated from the branch.

15.CREAM Table Light

Change a style and your mood. This is a trendy Korean table lamp. The pleated lampshade, with its cream or orange glass base, has two different layers of texture, forming a lovely fresh table lamp. The small table light can be placed in any area.

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