Group Buy Policy

What is Simig Lighting Group Buy?

Simig Lighting Group Buy is a social promotion where you get discounts when you buy together with other people. You can get impressive discounts just by inviting your friends to join.

Key elements of Group Buy

Group size

Each offer has a minimum number of people needed to get the discounted price. If enough people join, the deal is unlocked.

Time is limited

All groups have a limited time to join and if not enough people join the deal will be canceled.

About Group Buy

Some specific products are part of so called "group buys". These items have not yet been manufactured and are instead pre-sold to then be submitted to the manufacturer for production. Once finished, the products will shipped to you as fast as possible. The dates given include a buffer to account for delays in production so items may ship ahead of time when received early. Unexpected delays can happen, so it may take longer to ship. The primary reasons for hosting group buys are that these products are made on demand in small quantities as well as giving customers the option to buy them at a lower price compared to a single piece production. Group buy items are designed with a specific audience in mind. They are made on demand and in small quantities. Only pre orders make it possible for the production run to happen at all. Group buy items are considered custom art/design items. Due to their limited and custom nature they are not refundable. Only in case of manufacturing defects an exception may be made. Simig Lighting is a professional home lighting manufacturer.. You can find more information about groups buys.

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