What kind of lighting design is most eye-catching in 2021?

What lighting design attracts people's attention this year? With the change of time, people's living standards have also been improved, and new home furnishing trends have gradually appeared in people's field of vision. Lighting design is the "finishing touch" of home design. What kind of lighting design can make your indoor space more beautiful? Next, we will start from the four key words of 2021 lighting design and interpret the new trend of lighting design for you. lighting design

1.Lighting design using metal elements

Metal elements will enter millions of households in 2021, especially the versatile and special colors such as brass and rose gold, which will become the most popular metal elements in 2021. Firework Ball Pendant Light lighting_singapore_-_STELLAR_Fireworks_Chandelier_6.png In lighting design, metal elements collide with lamps and lanterns to create more possibilities. This lighting design called Firework Ball is just like its name. It is like a gorgeous firework blooming in the night sky. The Firework Ball Pendant Light is made of thousands of metal wires staggered and decorated with small LED lights. Dreamy light and shadow. The bright gold metal and lights are layered on top of each other to form an eye-catching lighting design. STELLAR Fireworks Chandelier is also a very decorative lighting with metallic elements. The playful luminous lamp beads are hidden under the crystal, shining with golden light. Metal elements can be light luxury or full of elegance. This lighting design has a unique shape, both practicality and elegant charm.

2. Lighting design using geometric shapes

With the prevalence of minimalism, simple geometric patterns are applied to lighting design. The geometric figures in the lighting design are not necessarily quite satisfactory, and the combination of different shapes can also collide to create a better visual effect. Perch Table Lamp GRISK Luxe Wall Lamp For example, this proudly standing bird lamp is composed of multiple triangles, and the triangles of different angles are elegant and interesting. This lighting design for home seems to show the birds vividly in front of people. Black and white colors and metal circles can also be combined and intersected with each other, bringing more creative imagination to the space. The simple and lightweight circular metal ring glows like a golden shell, which is simple but not simple. When simple geometric shapes are used in different combinations, minimalism can also be fun.

3.Create indoor garden

Natural elements gradually come into our home life and become fresh elements in lighting design. Many luminaire designers also draw design inspiration from the natural world, expressing nature in their homes in an iconic or abstract way. Water Plants Glass Pendant Light HAT Wooden Pendant Light With this staggered green plant lighting design, you can add green dill, Lysimachia and other plants according to your preferences to let the green flow in the home space. This hat wooden pendant light combines a variety of elements, although the elements are diverse, it still makes people feel the beauty of harmony. The lampshade is a combination of a wooden cover and a metal cage, creating an elegant Zen mood. Under the soft lighting of this wooden lighting design, it is also a kind of comfortable life with delicious food that you like.

4.The color diversification of lighting design

According to the forecast of WGSN and the color agency PANTONE, "younger" is the inevitable trend of home furnishing color. When the generations born in the 80s and 90s became the main force of household consumption, the young and lively colors were also loved by lighting designers. Glider Pendant Light Flowerpot_Table_Lamp_18 The colorful glider pendant light is very individual and interesting. This lighting design fits the young generation's attitude towards self-expression. The small chandelier shaped like a paper airplane is available in blue, green, orange, with varying heights and lows, giving people a playful and lively feeling. There is also a cute and brief appearance of the classic flowerpot light. The color of this lighting design is not limited to black, white and gray. There are more colorful colors to choose from. It seems that this colorful lighting design echoes love and peace. Trends are always changing, but the original intention of lighting design has always been the same, which is to create a better life for life. In the development trend of design trends, we are not only chasing fashion trends, but also pursuing a better quality of life. Choose the right lighting design and decorate your wonderful life with a good lamp.

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